Episode 9: Nate Freeberg | The Power of Coachability

In a rapidly changing world, adaptability is the name of the game. As the landscape shifts, those who cling too tightly to the old ways risk being left behind. This sentiment rings true not only in the realm of sports but also in the dynamic world of sales. In a recent episode of the “Merchants of Change” podcast, Nate Freeberg, a seasoned sales manager at 280 Group, shared insights gleaned from his journey from D-1 soccer player to outbound sales manager.

Freeberg emphasizes the importance of coachability in navigating the evolving sales landscape. Drawing parallels between his sports background and his career in sales, he highlights the need to continuously challenge one’s own thinking and embrace new strategies. As the podcast delves into Freeberg’s transition from athlete to sales professional, his passion for coaching emerges as a driving force behind his desire to lead and mentor others.

Reflecting on his coaching experiences both on and off the field, Freeberg underscores the value of supporting and empowering team members. He emphasizes the significance of product-market fit and the role of effective leadership in fostering a culture of success. For Freeberg, leadership is not just about steering the ship but also about rolling up one’s sleeves and leading by example.

In the ever-evolving landscape of sales, Freeberg advocates for a targeted and strategic approach to outbound prospecting. He stresses the importance of specificity in outreach efforts, citing the need to move away from a spray-and-pray mentality. With email restrictions tightening, precision and relevance are paramount in driving meaningful engagement.

As Freeberg transitions into a leadership role, he remains committed to building a team-based atmosphere rooted in celebration and support. He believes in the power of acknowledging both small victories and major milestones, fostering a culture where every team member feels valued and empowered to succeed.
In conclusion, Freeberg’s journey from athlete to sales leader offers valuable lessons in adaptability, coachability, and the importance of fostering a culture of success. As the sales landscape continues to evolve, embracing change and empowering team members will be crucial in navigating the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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