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Casey Eidenshink

Baseball | Lehigh University

BDR at Eliassen

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I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with Shift Group. From day one to landing an SDR role, I received top-notch training and mentorship. Shift Group equipped me with the knowledge and tools to confidently ace interviews. If you’re seeking a career in sales, Shift Group is the place to start! I’m excited to join their network and community!

MK Gallagher

Rowing | Holy Cross

BDR at Tines

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Shift Group was an integral part in my transition to sales. Graduating college as a Division I athlete, I was nervous about the transition into an unknown industry. That’s where Shift Group came in! They had calls with me to help me prepare for my interview process and helped me to recognize the power of my soft skills as an athlete that would carry over into my new chapter in sales.

Ryan Nutoff

College/Pro Baseball | Michigan

BDR at Ahead

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As a lifelong athlete, transitioning into the “real world” was overwhelming until I found Shift Group. Their program showed me how my athletic experience prepared me for a sales role. With amazing coaches and support, I quickly landed a job I’m excited about and where I can thrive. I highly recommend Shift Group to any athletes considering this transition.

Weston Baker

Air Force

Account Executive at Eliassen

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As a veteran transitioning into a new career, I was uncertain about my prospects. ShiftGroup provided unwavering support from day one, ensuring I was prepared for sales. Their insightful coaching gave me the confidence to excel. Thank you, ShiftGroup, for your dedication and belief in me!

Amanda Nikhazy

Softball | Stetson

Account Executive at Snap! Mobile

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A+ coaching. professionlaism, and communication from top to bottom. You cant fake sincerity, and it’s evident that the Shift Group team truly cares about helping and training those next in line. If you put in the work as you did in sports (and life), you’ll see the results 10-fold

Jake Dosen

Hockey | MSU Denver

Account Executive at Snap! Mobile

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Shift Group was a no-brainer for me when I began to search for a new job. I’m in a much better place after accepting my new position, and that is what it’s all about. Shift Group sees the potential in former athletes and enables us to fulfill our goals by pairing us with companies that are well-aligned with what we need

Natalie Caney

Soccer | MCLA

BDR at Blink

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As I started my journey to change careers, I was lucky to have the support of the Shift Group team. The cpursework made me feel competent and confiedent as I started the interview process. And it was excitiing to learn that the skills I had honed in my athletic career could be utilized in sales, too.

Ryan Lovelace

Football | Wofford

BDR at JetSweep

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Shift Group is an amazing company that was pivotal in helping me elevate my sales career. the Shift Group team truly cared about my success in every step of the process from job searching to finishing the interview process. Joining Shift Group was the experience that I was looking for when wanting to propel my career and I am grateful for the experience

Emma Ardizzoni

Sailing | Vermont

SDR at Silk

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I came across Shift at such a pivotal point in my job search. Shift Group showed me what a career in sales could look like and I was hooked. The training they provide is top tier and made me feel so prepared in my interviews. During my time with Shift I never felt unsupported. I cannot thank Shift Group enough!