Episode 10: Ryan Feely | Accountability & Extreme Ownership

In the fast-paced world of sales, success isn’t just about closing deals—it’s about the journey, the mindset, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. In a recent episode of the podcast Merchants of Change, Ryan Feeley, Director of Sales at Seamless Thought, shares his inspiring story of transitioning from a college athlete to a sales leader.

Ryan’s journey began on the football fields of Florida State University, where he played Division One football. But it wasn’t just his athletic prowess that defined him—it was his work ethic, determination, and willingness to outwork everyone else. From his humble beginnings as a walk-on kicker to becoming a key player on the team, Ryan’s story is a testament to the power of hard work and perseverance.

But Ryan’s journey didn’t end on the football field. After graduating from college, he found himself at a crossroads, unsure of what path to take. It was a chance encounter with a sales program at Florida State that changed everything. Inspired by the opportunity to learn new skills and challenge himself, Ryan dove headfirst into the world of sales.

The sales program at Florida State provided Ryan with the tools and training he needed to succeed in the competitive world of sales. From cold calling to email outreach, Ryan honed his skills and proved himself to be a top performer. But it wasn’t just about hitting quotas—it was about building relationships, understanding customer needs, and delivering value.

As Ryan’s career progressed, he continued to push himself to new heights. From SDR to AP to director, Ryan climbed the ranks at Seamless Thought, driven by his passion for sales and his unwavering commitment to excellence. But perhaps more importantly, Ryan never forgot where he came from. He remained humble, grateful for the opportunities he had been given, and eager to pay it forward to the next generation of sales professionals.

Ryan’s story is a powerful reminder that success isn’t just about talent—it’s about hard work, determination, and the willingness to seize opportunities when they arise. Whether you’re a college athlete, a military veteran, or someone looking to make a career change, Ryan’s story serves as a source of inspiration and motivation. So go ahead, chase your dreams, and unlock your full potential. Success is waiting for those who are willing to work for it.

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